If Sophistication, Chic, Modern, Contemporary glam looks appeals to you — you’ve picked the right Artist.  I always tell my Clients, “your makeup needs to photograph beautifully and last beyond hugs, tears and kisses!”  I style your glam while keeping a “timeless look” in mind for both photos and in-person.  Whether your style is full glam or au natural,  my team aims to achieve your vision.   A good Bridal application illuminates your skin in daylight or candlelight.  Makeup should never be or feel distracting; instead you should feel confident – ready to pop Champagne and enjoy your guest.

My ARTISTRY skills have been acquired over the span of 17 yrs; since 2000.  I pay attention to beauty trends while making “training & education” a priority.  It is through advanced education that you come to understand the chemistry of skin & analyze bone structure.  All of us are uniquely different.

Some of my favorite Classic  brands specifically for Wedding Day longevity are:
-#Face Atelier
-#Laura Mercier

AB brands I depend on areTemptu Pro & Kett Pro.  It’s nice to have the option of (Silicone vs. Water base).

When Googling, use key words such as #Airbrush vs. #Classic  to learn the biggest differences.  Often times I am asked which is a better fit; it’s really a personal decision.  I will say almost 80% of all clients of Tamra-Marie Artistry choose and prefer airbrush because it holds up better against tears & sweat.

Many of us are already familiar with makeup that comes from a bottle, it’s the AB formula that we have questions about.

Airbrush is a light-weight liquid makeup applied through an air gun and compressor that produces a thin, even layer of makeup in a spraying motion. It is the most HD (high definition) foundation created. The fine mist of color covers the skin and gives the appearance of a flawless complexion. I will mix foundation colors for a perfect blend to match your skin tone. Airbrush is ideal for clients who are not used to wearing makeup or prefer a more natural finish and feel. Airbrush makeup is sweat, tear and transfer resistant and photographs beautifully. Airbrush makeup is not to be confused with the ever so popular “airbrush” tool used on the program “Photoshop” to smooth texture of the skin. Airbrush makeup will even out skin tone, but does not correct texture problems with the skin such as pores, acne, moles, scars etc. Other products will be applied to smooth out the skins texture as much as possible if texture is an issue.

Trials offered in a studio setting if not scheduled at your home or office.  Investment cost: $200, for a duration of upto 2 hrs.  If a Bride books her wedding within 5 days of Trial –  you’ll receive a $50 credit. We will go step by step and document colors used, followed by a photograph for our records. At this appointment you will have your foundation and the individual eyelash or strip application applied.  You are are encouraged to bring (1 or 2) examples which can help in designing your bridal day look!

Sanitation – Sanitary practices are of the utmost.  Brushes are deep cleaned, disposables, metal palettes are used to keep all the ick’ys away:)  Sanitary standards are 100% non negotiable.


Coffee Consults:   Arrange a “Coffee Consultations” with me.   We utilize 30 minutes to get acquainted, outside of a phone-call.  We talk about your desired styling; whether you want Airbrush or Traditional; your chosen dress; your hairstyle; flowers & your venue, etc.   If you use a tablet, please bring that along  as a gage of how you want your makeup to look for ceremony.  This Consult is complimentary, so please inquire for a coffee date:)  If it’s a fit for both of us;  following coffee, we can sync our calendars for the Trial-Preview.

Investment Cost for the [Day of]

BRIDE – Airbrush foundation $225;  / Non*Airbrush $185 / MOB, MOG, Bridal Entourage -$105 pp.  *Other pricing available such as (Packages & City Hall Brides) upon request.  (Hair is not included).

  • On-Site styling/ Mobile
  • Custom Faux Lashes Application for Bride (included)
  • Destination Weddings (will happily travel to Italy:)
  • DIY, Professionally (learn how to do your own wedding face)

*Services minimums can apply for weekend dates.